Mimolite for a garage.

Hi guys. I’m a newbie trying to install my Mimolite as a garage door opener/monitor.

The instructions say to goto “Apps/Install Apps” and search for Mimolite and install it. But the problem is, the search results in 2 MIMOlite items. One is a " MIMOlite Garage Door Contoller" and the other is a “MIMOlite Plugin”.

Which one do I use? What’s the difference?

Note that eventually I’ll probably be writing my own stuff, but for now, I just want to get up and running and explore later.


You want the garage door opener version.

The other app can be used to access mimo’s other features like voltage sensing and pulse counting.

Hey Bulldog (or anyone). I’ve got everything all wired up and installed the App. The door opens and closes, but the “sensor” is not working. It always thinks the door is open.

The mag sensor is indeed CLOSED when the door is down. Green light goes off and I also verified it with an ohms meter.

So it’s as if the Mimolite has the SIG1 setup as analog or something. Any ideas? Is there a way to check the SIG1 setting?

what sensor are you using, the door’s integrated light fence or some other proximity sensor?

Just a magnetic switch. When the magnet is engaged, it’s closed. That’s connected to SIG1.

I also confirmed that the Parameter 8 is set to 3 as suggested. And Parm 11 to 5.

So not sure. The ICON is always the OPEN icon. Maybe the App is bad?