Milight controlling separate zones from Vera

I have two RGBW Led lights from MiLight in different rooms. On the handheld remote, I have one controlled in Zone 1 and the other in Zone 4 so I can use them separately. Both have been paired with Vera as separate devices. However, when I turn one on they both come on. I have tried chaging the ModeSetting variable which did show “1:;2:;3:;4:;” to now show only “1:” or “4:”. I have also tried changing the Group variable from 1 to 0, but no luck. Anyone know how to do this?

Not sure what is wrong, but i have a bunch of MiLight bulbs on different zones and they work perfectly. The difference (i think) is that i control mine (via the WiFi bridge) from the Vera and the Android App, no remote.

I would uninstall the vera app and set everything up (if you haven’t done so already) just with the remote; that way you could narrow it down to which one is the culprit…