Migration from Veraplus to EzloPlus

I have a VeraPlus with a lot of plugins and scenes that are configured and used with LUA custom code.

  1. Is it possible to copy the Z-Wave network from VeraPlus to EzloPlus witout needing to reconfigura all thoses devices.
  2. Is it compatible with all my very useful plugins ? (multistring, HouseModes, Virtual On/Off, Virtual HTTP, GetLog, LuaView, Multiprovider weather station and Google calendar 3) ?
  3. is it possible to integrate LUA scripts in scene like for VeraPlus, including LUA script in triggers ?

I also installed the Alexa plugin to allow sending command to Alexa for devices that are not supported with VeraPlus. But if my understanding is ok, it will be natively supported with EzloPlus, correct ?

I just want to be sure that the efforts to invest in it will not be in vain.

I’m sure you’ll get a complete response from the Ezlo team but here are my guesses:

  1. Seriously doubtful
  2. Ditto
  3. Yes.

You seem like a fairly sophisticated user. Ezlo is a different platform so it isn’t a migration pathway for all your customization. You’ll have to re-enroll all your zwave devices. Most of your plugins don’t exist for Ezlo although virtual switches are native functionality now in Ezlo as are some of the HTTP calls.

If you migrate maybe you move some of your devices to get started and leave the ones dependent on unique Vera functionality for the time being. Ezlo has a powerful UI and meshbot capability which you could start yourself down the learning curve. As you become comfortable there you can start collapsing functionality over to Ezlo.

I have found some of the AND OR NOT functionality of meshbots eliminated many of the LUA code stubs I used with Vera. So that is a plus in my mind.

It won’t be a 1:1 transfer of functionality but you’ll get some new things and lose a few things.

The one thing you’ll get with Ezlo is active product development, regular code drops, and good support. Those are all missing on Vera now.

Good luck.

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There is a process that can be performed by Ezlo support to migrate Z-wave devices (We are currently working on a tool for customers to migrate from Vera to Ezlo using the web interface). The process has an acceptable success rate, especially when migrating binary devices (such as lights and switches). You may need to manually wake up battery-powered devices such as sensors or there is a chance they need to be repaired. The currently available process cannot migrate scenes or settings.

Ezlo has a new plugin marketplace where we are uploading new plugins. We also offer a free service for cloud-based integrations called Nucal:

We are regularly paying attention to user suggestions/requests related to plugins to verify if we can implement a solution.

Yes, you will still have the option to use LUA code.

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Thank you for those precisions… However, it seems to be a lot of work to bring the new Ezlo to the same functionality that my Vera is now, after several years of coding and stabilization (not in terms of efforts, but elapse…) .

The 3 principal points that will bring me to the ezlo are

  1. Support
  2. Flexibility
  3. Pending issue with my Vistacam 1200 (doorbell) that is always offline on iOS mobile application.

but on the other hand, the work required and the lack of compatibility hold my ardor.

Now that ezlo is on the market, It don’t seems that Vera has the same support level, because for that last point (#3), I am waiting for a bug fix for more than 6 months now… and it don’t seems that I will have it soon !

Hi @Raynald_Gelinas ,

Thanks for your feedback and we want to support you in any way we can while migrating to Ezlo.
So you are wonderign about these areas:

  1. Migration of Z-wave network. As support said, we have a process on the support toolkit and they can assist you on the process. Also we worked on another backup-restore procedure and shortly will be publishing it live and you will be able to take a backup from your Vera and restore it to an Ezlo controller.

  2. We already have published multiple capabilites natively on Meshbots so I suppose some of the features on those plugins can be met with those.
    We have House Modes, Virtual devices, HTTP Request Node , Lua scripting capability and more.
    So let us review those plugins in detail and will get back to you about them and we will be more than happy to replicate those in our new platform for all our users.

  3. We already have that capability in Actions section. But can you give detail about how to use it in the triggers section pls. What exactly are you trying to achieve ?

Also can you give more detail on the problem with Vistacam 1200 . @Alvaro_Ochoa can you specifically help on this problem pls.

What would happen to Nest users that have been holding out and have not migrated from WWN to Google home? I would have to guess you’d be forced to migrate.

Where will you publish the migration toolkit? If ezlo has not already released the toolkit, do you have an estimated date?

Hello @retireditguy

We do not have an ETA yet but please keep an eye on our community forum for further details, this new tool is coming soon.


Jonathan Botero.
Customer Care Tier 1 Support.

Any updates on the tool? I will be getting my Ezlo on 4/3.



Hello @RonnieBoyOK

Our team is working to finish the tool as soon as possible but we do not have an ETA yet.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.


Jonathan Botero.
Customer Care Tier 1 Support.

Hi, is there any update on the migration tool release date yet?

I have issues with some devices on Vera and have been advised to migrate, but so many devices hidden away all over the house, I cannot afford the time to manually unpair and repair and recreate my whole system from scratch.

Where will the tool be posted when available?


Any update on the ETA for a migration tool?

migration is available now