Migrating to new Controller

I am trying to migrate several devices to a new controller.  I currently have three Kwikset locks and six Jasco switch/outlets connected to a Vera Lite G.  I need to migrate some of these to a new separate controller.  To start the process I am (quite unsuccessfully) trying to exclude the selected devices from the one Vera Lite G.  I have tried every method completely without success.  The unit appears to go into exclusion mode with the orange/yellow light quickly flashing.  I press the include/exclude button on the device, but the Vera doesn't seem to respond in any way??  Does anyone see my mistake?? ???

Some devices require a rapid triple-click to put them into include/exclude. Not sure if this is so for your device type?

Thanks, I tried single clicks and multiple quick taps. The Kwikset support line said ANY controller can exclude a device by bringing it within 12 inches and pressing the exclude button on the controller. This would explain why the thermostat was able to be excluded and added as it sits only a few inches away.

Can anyone else experienced in Z-Wave confirm this?

You have the option of doing a ‘high power’ include/exclude for devices which are more distant through the DEVICES / Add Devices / Advanced Z-wave devices UI menu.