Migrating from Verizon Home Monitoring

Where would I find information on unpinning devices from my Verizon Gateway to my new Vera Edge?


First, perform the exclude procedure on each device.

Then include each device to Vera.

The devices didn’t come with pairing instructions. Everything was presented on the Verizon portal, so I don’t know if I press a button once on one device, press and hold on another device etc. I am having trouble finding information on specific devices:

Aeon Labs Remote Control: DSA03202W-ZWUS

Schlage Paddle Keypad Lock: Model FE599 CAM 619 AC

TRANE Thermostat: Model TZEMT400AB32MAA

Jasco (GE) In Wall Paddle Switches (non-dimming): Model 45609

Aeon Labs Aeotec Z-Wave Smart Energy Switch (Appliance Switch): Model: AEDSC06106ZWUS

Aeon Labs Smart Energy Meter: Model DSB09104-ZWUS

Schlage Link Light Module: Model RP200

Sercomm Camera: Model RC8021V

I recall the in wall switches required just tapping the switch up. All the other, I can’t remember. Any hep would be appreciated.

Google is your friend.

If I enter any of the model numbers below in a google search and include the phrase “manual”, you will usually pull up the PDF instructions for that device.