-Migrating from Vera Hardware to Ezlo Hardware-

You can see the document about how to add Ezlo as a secondary controller to your existing Vera controller so that you can start your migration process.

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Can you please explain how the migration process becomes easier when making Ezlo a secondary controller? (I think @jouked asked the same question)

Once you make Ezlo secondary…
then you can turn off your primary…your secondary will take over…

Thanks for the quick reply, I have still some questions left.

So these two controllers can exist next to each other and in the end Ezlo Plus can become the primary controller?

Once I add Ezlo as a secondary controller all devices come available in the Ezlo plus? I can then use the meshbot to create automation that includes devices on Vera and Ezlo?

My Vera logic remains working for the devices that I cannot control on Ezlo?

My associations keep working once I switch off my Vera?

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two good questions, i need to invite devs into this discussion.


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Associations are device to device, Vera or any other Hub sets up the association between devices. So yes, they will.
Any control over them is in scenes or automations,
Associations are used for control without using a Hub.
The question I might ask is if my Vera devices keep working or work from EZLO when I turn Vera off? I suspect the answer will be No.

Agree, that’s a good question too. I kind of ask the same by stating that in the end the Ezlo can become the primary controller (meaning I switch of the old Vera)
@melih, can you or your dev team answer these questions?

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The devices connected to Vera (the primary controller) should continue to work with Ezlo (the secondary controller) if the primary is turned off. (that’s the whole point of the “secondary controller” design in the zwave architecture).

So I understand that is “Primary and Secundary controller” solution is not working yet and it still is not possible to set associations for z-wave devices.

Any news on this? I really like to move foreward but need at least one of these two missing features working.

At the moment:
Both of them under further development and scheduled to be code complete by the end of January… (code complete…then goes to QA…then release…)…

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Any update?

Association is expected by the end of this week, Updates for EZLogic - 1.2.1 (Ezlo Hubs only) - #8 by osman.

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We are in March, is there any update?

Association has been released.

My question was related to “Primary and Secundary controller” , is there a solution for this?

Can this new feature:

  • Improved Vera to Ezlo backup restore process

Be used for the migration?
I am mainly referring to transferring the z-wave modules and less interested in migration of scenes which I can rewrite