Migrating from Vera 3 to plus or secure, is it really that easy?

A long time ago I was planning a similar upgrade, only with older controller versions and was told you basically had to start over at least with re-pairing all aware nodes if not redoing everything. Now I see that if everything is using the latest, for that controller, firmware and you have a zwave and controller backup, you can transfer everything.

Is it really this simple now? Can you really take a zwave and controller backup and transfer it and be done in a few minutes?
I assume once the transfer is done, the old controller will basically be dead to the zwave network and should be reset or, in this case since it’s so old, probably just discarded.

Hi, I also ask myself the same question.

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Perhaps they will make it that easy at least to migrate to one of the new Ezlo controllers if you wanna go for one of those instead if it’s not that East already.
But yes, I think it is that simple to switch to a new Vera.

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