Migrate fromVera lite to Atom?

Is there an easy way to migrate my devices and programming from Vera Lite to Atom?

No. You will need to unpair all your devices from the Lite and pair them to the Atom.

Also any 3rd party plugins you maybe using on the Lite you will lose.

As the new Ezlo platform has a new plugin architecture and all plugins will have to be rewritten which is unlikely to happen.

That’s a pain, but Ok. What about going from EZLO Atom to one of the newer EZLO hub.

Good question!

Migration path from Ezlo Atom to another Ezlo hub.

I dont think it’s been discussed on the forum before.

In Z-Wave terms you should be able to have a primary and secondary controller and switch roles.

I’m not sure who is best to ask.

@Sorin can you ask the team and comment?

I just wondering if I should bother switching to my Atom, or just wait for one of the new hubs that should be coming out soon. I noticed the only Vera their selling now is the Secure.


At this moment you can only migrate between Vera firmware controllers. It is not possible for Ezlo. They say some form of migration is on the to-do list, but that is still very long.

Cheers Rene

someone will answer shortly.

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