Migrate from Vero to Ezlo

Hey guys,

I have 2 veras + Openhab controlling my home. In my Vera setup, I have multiple lua scenes (over 50) and around 250 Zwave - RF devices. I was wondering if someone managed to successfully migrate to Ezlo, if so, which model; overall process and pain points. I would also appreciate your system size along with Ezlo model as for me, my main issue is speed. It takes quite awhile to execute my scene and vera’s engine reboot quite oftern.


Hi @spilote,

One of the most remarkable improvements in our Ezlo controllers is their processor and Flash and RAM memory capacity. They are known because of their speed performance, here you can see an example video. The LUA Scripts can be uploaded/created using the EZLOGIC web UI. You can also check our device compatibility list to choose the most suitable option for you.

I have attached two files with helpful information about Ezlo Plus and Ezlo Secure.

Let us know if you have any questions or you can also send us an email at support@ezlo.com.

Ezlo_Secure.pdf (183.9 KB)
Ezlo_Plus.pdf (915.2 KB)

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Thanks Stefany!

I glanced at both doc, I didn’t see a migration path from Vera. Would I be able to restore my backup on Ezlo? or would I have the ability to keep the same device names? or I would need to re-pair all devices and load my scenes manually?

I’m also doing some http request to my vera, would those be still available?

Thanks a ton!

Hello @spilote ,

There is a way to migrate Devices. We can create a backup on the Vera controller and restore it on the Ezlo (you may need Ezlo support assistance).

There are some restrictions with battery-powered devices during this process (it’s necessary to wake up all the battery-powered “sleeping” devices one by one to initiate the interview process with the Ezlo controller).

Scenes are different on the Ezlo platform. You’ll probably need to edit them on ezlogic.mios.com

Plugins for Ezlo work on a different platform and infrastructure; We are currently working on adding more plugins. We have an available marketplace:

Find more about the Ezlogic automation capabilities: Automation - help.mios.com
MeshBots: What is a Meshbot? - help.mios.com

Let us know if you have further questions, we will be happy to assist!

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I am going through the same process myself. Not quite as big a network as yours, 50-60 Z-Wave devices and running on a Vera Plus and 15 IP cameras.

So far having some troubles with LUA scripting but could be part learning curve (my limitation) and I suspect maybe some bugginess in Ezlo Plus. Hopefully will get to stable ground soon.

I have looked enough to know there are some nice aspects to EZLO environment over Vera. The ezlogic.mios.com is quite a nice way to write (and test) your scripts and create scenes and “meshbots”. Additional capability with OR AND and NOT eliminates some of the LUA scripting I did with Vera, if I can get it working…arg).

I wish they had virtual switch functionality in the native package but maybe the author of the Vera version will port his design over to the Ezlo environment.

To my knowledge there is no tool or engine to mass convert Vera scripts to the Ezlo environment. The architectures are different enough you’ll probably have to rewrite them. With the new capabilities they might be a lot easier to rewrite however.

The plugin 3rd party landscape is pretty limited today but hopefully over time that fills out. I need an Ademco alarm panel (via AD2USB) plug-in so hopefully someone does that. A Foscam IP camera (PTZ) plug in would be great as well.

So I am hopeful this will be an improvement but the learning curve hampered by suspicious platform stability makes it a trek for the brave. If you want a minimal effort zero drama migration you’re going to have to wait, maybe a year or more. The flip side is the sooner more people come over there will be greater inertia for the new environment and tools so we’ll all win as that happens.