Micasaverde Vera 3 vs Indigo

If i get a Vera3 do I even need Indigo? i m confused on why there would be a plugin for the Vera 3 to run Indigo… ???
Cant the Vera 3 software do everything i need it to do?

Putting together a new Home Automation and want to do :

  1. Voice control
  2. Ip camera security
  3. Door locks
  4. Lights
  5. Sonos or operate my Spotify /pandora individual play lists and or add new channels
  6. Roomba control
  7. Misc switches (air purifier, fan control)
  8. remote door entry with keyfob or wireless remote ( would like a keyfob option for guests)

When I wake up.

  1. Turn on heater in bathroom and turn light on
  2. Turn on music to a predefined station per day of week or customize it anyway I want.
  3. Ability to choose a particular station on pandora or spotify or create a new one
  4. Turn on lights to 100%
  5. Open Curtains
  6. Turn off air purifier if on.
  7. tell me the forecast for the day and recommend clothing to wear (jacket, umbrella etc)
  8. read my appointments for the day

When I leave for the day.

  1. Turn off all lights
  2. turn off music devices
  3. start video recording of Ip security cams.
  4. run roomba
  5. turn on air purifier if off
  6. say “Goodbye ____”

When I come home after a long day.

  1. dim lights to 20%
  2. turn on Music player
  3. turn on air purifier
  4. set heat to 70%
  5. welcome me home
  6. read current indoor temp

When I am bringing a date over

  1. dim lights to 20%
  2. turn on Music player
  3. turn off air purifier
  4. set heat to 68%
  5. set LCD strip lights to red at 20%

If someone enters my apt with out unlocking the door with the remote or propper code on the door lock sound alarm.
Ability to allow access to someone with a temporary code (ie new girl) (landlord) with ability to define allowed time to gain access

is it also possible to put a box fan on lamp control so you can adjust the speed with slider?

also touchscreen to control everything including http://www.albumplayer.com or http://www.zenpoint.org/Products/MusicCenter

I don’t see any reason why you would need a Indigo. For the voice control aspect that can come from an iOS app (iViri that supports voice control) or if you are on the android platform AutHomation will implement voice control.

I ordered a Z-stick and am evaluating Indigo. The constant need to reboot Vera after every change is a pain to the Nth degree. I am going to attempt to add the z-stck as a secondary controller. I think the only thing that really locks me into Vera is the Locks. I will keep the vera’s. PLEG is also amazing. Vera has Lua, but Indigo has applescript. My iMac is on all the time anyways, there may be other limitations, but I want to explore.