micasaverde chatroom ?

I was wondering if there is anyway to add a chat room to this Forum ?? I think it would be cool to knock Idea’s around in a real time setting. I think it can be done…

3-1 so Far

8-2 with a small pool so far :slight_smile:

10 -6 Some folks like the Idea

We will try to come up with a secure solution to this if enough people want it, but I can’t make any promises at this moment.
Open to suggestions, but at this point the main options would be

  • irc channel with java applet in a page, with support for irc clients
  • web interface only solution


If I was one of the plugin devs I’d be against it as some people start thinking they have a right to receive instant support just because the dev is in the chatroom.

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On one hand that could happen but on the other hand it could allow plugin developers to debug issues faster. There are always trade-offs with live chat.


I see no point in this chat option. There isn’t enough traffic to justify it, in my opinion. After days, only 30 people even bothered to vote and the voting is split. Also, chat servers eliminate the benefit of permanence that forums provide for others. No one is interested in trolling through chat logs and search is already bad enough to be called broken so that’s not an answer.

But, more importantly, there are lots of more important issues for MCV to work on rather than a chat service. Leaving Vera out of it for a moment and just focusing on the Website/forum, there are issues like:

[ul][li]The outdated and insecure Simple Machines Forum software needs to be updated.[/li]
[li]Better spam control without driving new users insane with captchas[/li]
[li]The dysfunctional split between *.micasaverde.com and getvera.com[/li]
[li]Outdated Wiki article and the disjointed mess that is the wiki[/li][/ul]

Forget chat.

+1 on what Z-waver said. There is other low-hanging fruit that would yield better results.


+1 to not wasting precious man power on something like this at the expense of making more important things work.

That being said, I see no harm in a chatbox and it might even be fun. If it’s a simple addition, why not toss it in?

Only 30 voted but Over 300 viewed. I think It might draw more folks on board.

@lildrestl3 - Views are not unique visitors. My coming back to post this message added a fourth view for me alone.

If you’re reading my response, it will count for at least your seventh view, likely more. But, I won’t split any more hairs. I just thought I’d render my opinion since your poll seemed to suggest you wanted people’s opinions.

True, but then what about all support which gets fixed through the chat room its lost once its drops off screen and all the advice which could be helpful for others isn’t recorded in posts in the forum itself, therefore not searchable and will mean the same questions could be asked over and over. Chat rooms have their place but I’m not sure here is one of them.

[quote=“mcv.vlad, post:7, topic:179909”]On one hand that could happen but on the other hand it could allow plugin developers to debug issues faster. There are always trade-offs with live chat.


I agree that a chatroom isn’t for plugin support. It’s more of a place for folks to hang out and shoot the breeze about Vera related topics. If questions come up and get answered so be it. I imagine that if there were a more in depth situation it would get taken to a thread any way.

if they are serving beer, I’m in

^^^ What he said.

Everyone. Beers are on me! The only catch is you have to make it out to Western MA to drink them.

Def. wanted folks opinions. I was wondering if I was the only 1 seeing the Poll… Glad to here everyone Chime in. I belong to another Forum that looks to have the same template as this 1. It has a chat room and I fig. if it was easy like checking a box or something. It would be nice. I’m brand new to this and would love to listen to some more exp. folks talking back and fourth. I know it’s all been talked about in the forums. But searching is never that easy ! That’s why you see the same questions asked over and over.

Or they could publish the logs somewhere where google can index them easily or provide a search function.