MiCasa with a Iris Thermostat

Hey guys, I recently got my MiCasa, but am still learning. Just prior to getting my MCL I installed a Iris thermostat (Model #: CT-101-L) from Lowes. I had researched it prior to purchase and from everything I read, it would work just fine. Yesterday, I hooked my MCL up and it paired quickly and easily to the thermostat, however now, the temp reading from MCL is showing a temprature that is about 50 degress lower then the thermostat is actually at. If I adjust the temprature from MCL, the temp will adjust correctly (thermostat is set to 70?F/ MCL shows 20?F- adjust temp via MCL to 25?F, thermostat will move to 75?F) on the thermostat. This will happen and work with the different amount in either signal direction, MCL to thermostat or thermostat to MCL reading. I can’t for the life of me find anything that will allow for a calibration or a change for what the reading is. Has anyone seen this happen to anyone else or know what the best corrective action would be? Maybe just an unpair/repair? Thanks in advance

is it setup for Fahrenheit or Celsius?

You need to make sure the CT-101 thermostat is fully setup correctly before pairing with a Z-wave controller. If you made any changes on the thermostat’s setup touchscreen menus after pairing it (like C or F degrees), you need to unpair and pair again.

If this thermostat is powered by a C-wire, remove the backup batteries first before pairing it, this will ensure that Vera knows it’s an always on device. After it’s been paired, you can install the batteries.

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Both items are in fahrenheit. I had done the full set-up on the thermostat about 4 day prior to getting my controller and the thermostat was working/reading perfectly (still is). My real only issue is that the controller just reads the temprature being lower.

As far as the wiring, I do not have a C-Wire for my furnce so I’m good there.

In your Vera Web interface go to Settings → Location —> Temperature format. Is that correct?

TC1- Yes sir it is. I even went to the advance and looked around there. Everything shows it should be correct. Just that 50 degree “buffer” difference. I think I’ll try unpairing and re-pairing later today to see if it gets it back on board. Any thoughts on what I could do to help ease the process and improve pairing so it gets it right this time?

Please install the “MiOS Update Utility” before re-pairing. This will make sure all device definition files are up to date. This has cured some issues in the past, especially with this model thermostat (I own two of them :slight_smile: )

Sounds like a plan. Thanks for the help. I’ll keep you guys posted on what works!

My laptop died last night (oh what timing right?!) so I was unable to do the update. Unpairing and re-pairing was a chore to say the least, but I at least got it done. The re-pairing did nothing to help and it is exactly the same. At least that gives me hope that I did everything right up to this point. Hoping to get the update done soon.

I’m having the exact same problem with that thermostat. On UI5 it showed the correct temps but since I updated to 6 the numbers are in C but its says its F. Are you running UI6?

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Based on [url=http://forum.micasaverde.com/index.php/topic,22909.msg155736.html#msg155736another post[/url], if this occurs when using UI6, the fix is to change the UI6 units to Celsius and then change them back to Fahrenheit.

Alright, turns out that I am already running the latest firmware. Any other suggestions?

z-waver: I did try this. I will respond to the change from fahrenheit to celsius, but when I try to change it back; it will just continue to read the same number just celsius to fahrenheit. ???

Then I would recommend that you open a support ticket with MCV.

Sorry about the delay on updating. I have corrected the issue. I can’t explain what was causing the hang up, but I can tell you what I did before it was fix. I deleted the “Home Buddy” app on my phone (Samsung Galaxy S3), then I repeated doing the fahrenheit to celsius and then celsius back to fahrenheit in the settings with a 5 minute delay in changing the settings. Once I did that, the thermostat began reading correctly. I didn’t catch that it had been fixed immediately because the temp setting (what was actually 23 degress celsius) didn’t update to the equal temp in fahrenheit (i.e. started at 23? changed to 23?C and then stayed at 23?F). I don’t know if this was the app polling or keeping a setting long enough for it to default, but this is what ended up doing the trick. Thanks for everyones input and help. Glad to have this resolved.