Mi Light RGBW RGBWW W/CW RGBCCT Controller Compatible with Amazon Alexa Voice

Was wondering if this is supported at all within Vera? I see Vera has a Milight app. I see a barcode on the controller for an app out on Google, but so far I’ve only used zwave devices on my Vera Plus [except for the Eagle zigbee working through IP].

Ideally control through Vera mobile and possibly Imperihome would be awesome; otherwise, if folks thinks this is a well built product then I’d consider it for use with Alexa rather than going with a $50+ zwave option. Thanks.

I have this working on my Vera+ and VeraLite. However setting it up is a bit troublesome as the plugin used is not maintained anymore. The plugin works with some updated files that can be found on the forum. Once it works with your Vera it also works in Imperihome (I do use Imperihome)

I don’t think this product works with Alexa out of the box but Alexa with Vera will make it work as it is a regular device in Vera.