Message to forum admin - question marks showing instead of apostrophe?


I?m not sure who to address this issue too, but I?ve noticed that when I submit posts now (via my iPad running iOS 11) any apostrophes I now use are converted (upon submission) as a question mark.

Just curious if anyone else is seeing this when they post ?

Almost definitely because you are using inverted commas rather than a single ASCII apostrophe, viz. ’

It’s easy to do, I’ve noticed, and it’s simple, isn’t it?

Interesting …

However I only seem to have the one apostrophe on the iOS keyboard ?
I?ve had a go at trying all the keyboard key combinations on my iPad.





Hummmmm. I seem to have no abillty to do an apostrophe :-\

After that test, I can also see that the following are changed to a question mark too, which due to this issue I can?t type to show you, so let?s play a game :slight_smile: those affected are…

UK pound currency symbol
Speech mark
Euro curreny symbol
Yen currency symbol
The section symbol
An ellipsis (Three dots)

To add to earlier point from @akbooer - I found this on the Simple Machines forum (who are the people that provide the software this forum uses - Question marks instead of apostrophes. (Topic: Question marks instead of apostrophes. (Read 32725 times) ).

I imagine that this is a UTF encoding issue, however, basic ASCII symbols should work.

[ul][li]single quote: '[/li][/ul]

(iPad, iOS10)

Agreed @akbooer I suggest you avoid iOS 11 then, that screws things.

Wow. Thanks for solving the same issue I encountered at work with someone upgrading their personal iDevice from 10 to 11 and then blaming the IT department for recipients getting his emails showing the ? instead of ’ he typed in.

Hello Guys,

Sorry but SMF platform is not very " 2.0 " and there’s no update to fix this. :smiley: