Meshbot trigger at sunrise "Unless" virtual switch is on

I have a Meshbot with two triggers, one is sunrise + 1 minute and the second is check the state of a virtual switch. If I remove the virtual switch check, the Meshbot fires properly. When the VS state is included, it never fires. Does the VS state have to actually change for it to be seen as a trigger?
I also tried adding an exclusion to the Action section but that seems to not work either. Any suggestions?

Hello @ceskelund,

That’s correct, the meshbot will be triggered each time the condition is met. In this scenario, it will activate every day 1 minute after sunrise and provided the VS state changes to False (OFF).

That’s what I was thinking would happen but it’s not working that way. The Meshbot never fires with this configuration. If I take the virtual device out and just leave sunrise +1 minute, it works fine. Is the trigger more of a condition or does the VS actually have to change for this to trigger?

Does it fire if skip mister is true at the trigger time?

Hello @ceskelund,

That is correct, if “Date and Time”= 1 minute after sunrise, and “Skip Mister Switch” change to “false”, then run the actions.

You can also try adding a trigger function to your VS. Check Trigger Functions - for more details, please.

We are expecting “Global Exceptions” they are calling it, soon.

Adding “Conditional” checks like this into Triggers doesn’t always seem to work as you might expect.

Global Exceptions will be “Conditional” checks that will affect all Actions of a rule, yet they won’t Trigger the rule in anyway, unless all the conditions are met and the trigger triggers the rule etc.

Like “Constraints” in Multi System Reactor.

Currently we only have Exceptions in Actions on a per individual Action level.

@Max Any news on this and when it might go live ?


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That is exactly what I was thinking - since the VS doesn’t actually change state, it is not triggering the action. Conditional checks would be extremely helpful in many situations - I think that’s what we have been missing
Thanks kid

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