MeshBot doesn't completely show in VeraMobile Scene

I followed the “Advanced Motion triggers and Home Automation in EZLogic” video from Ezlo Innovation’s YouTube channel to create a “Demo” meshbot.

Then I looked for it in the VeraMobile app and sure enough there is a “Demo” scene but it is not complete. Only the True part of the action copied. The trigger didn’t copy over nor did the False action part.

Worse yet, I pressed the save button on the scene editor without making any changes. This copied the scene over the meshbot leaving only the True part. The trigger and False actions are gone.

Hi @chuckf2 , currently the FALSE section works only on web interface. We are currently building a new MiOS mobile app and sure we will match both feature sets on all interfaces. But I will try to prioritize this FALSE section match on existing mobile apps.
Thanks for your feedback

Thank you. Don’t forget to copy the Trigger part too.

Any update on this issue?

I’m trying to create a meshbot in v1.40.1 to open/close a garage door via a button press on a 2GIG 4 button remote I bought from Centralite.

I have 2 of these remotes one for me and one for my wife. The trigger is if button 4 is pressed on either remote the garage door should toggle it’s state and set a virtual switch on (just used for debugging).

When I look at this meshbot as a scene in the iOS app I do not see the triggers and the only action I see is the one that turns on the virtual switch.

The meshbot is not controlling the garage door but is turning on the virtual switch. Is this because I’ve set up the garage door toggle action wrong or because the meshbot didn’t completely copy to the iOS app (and perhaps the hub)?

The garage door action is:
Device - Garage door opener - capability = basic, value = toggle.

Hi @chuckf2

we are constantly improving our platform but yet to have all powerful features in the mobile app.
But in your case the simple trigger and actions should definitely work in mobile as well. Can you send a screenshot on how you do it on web and what you see on mobile ?

Here are the requested screenshots: