Memory Cleanup?

is there a process to clean up memory on a Vera Lite or any vera for that matter? On one of my Veras I ran the free -m command and it looks like i am hovering at just around 4MB. This vera only has a lock, two thermostats and a few of plugins installed. I am nowhere near any limits on it, but it seems that memory is causing slowdowns. Notifications that used to be immediate now take severa hours to show up. i’ve had my vera for a little while now and i’ve tested a bunch of plugins just to see what they do, so i am wondering if there are remnants of them consuming memory. I just don’t know if there is a way to clean up, or should i just factory reset and start again.

There are many threads on this topic on the forum, but just FYI the “free” memory on a Linux system can be very low without meaning being short on memory… Based on everything I have read on this forum and my own experience, the critical measurement of the real load of your Vera is the output of the “top” command… peak virtual memory usage of “/usr/bin/LuaUPnP” exceeding 100% usually correlates an unstable system…

thanks for that. So, it is at 114% of memory with 3 devices and 5 plugins running, seems like it should be able to handle more than 8-10 items…

4898 2851 root S 71444 114% 1% /usr/bin/LuaUPnP

I’ve searched for cleanup threads, but could not find any. If anyone has any pointers, i would greatly appreciate it.

5 plugins is probably the maximum for a stable Vera Lite in my experience. Z-Wave devices use very litlle resources, but plugins do use significant memory (a few KB each, but every KB counts in a Vera Lite)… Either you can live with few plugins or you upgrade to a more powerful Vera or you implement Akooer’s excellent openLuup environment along your Vera like many of us do (search for that in the forum, but that solution requires some spare time and a good proficiency with managing/configuring systems)

It’s more like 2 MB per plugin device.

My bad by a factor of 1024… Thanks for correcting Richard.