MCV Wiki - Can users contribute?

I was hoping to write up a few Wiki articles bridging the pits I fell in while starting to learn about the Vera controllers and the overall MCV/Z-Wave/MiOS start. I registered and created a Wiki account, but can’t see how I can edit or post new topics.

Is this possible?


Yes, but you must be a confirmed user. This is to prevent spam. I confirmed your account and now you should be able to create and edit wiki pages.

Thank you. My first article has been sitting in Notepad. I hope to consolidate documentation on how to add and interact with the Intermatic MultiWave pool control. At least until you and Intermatic revise your support for it. ;D


I also have found some dated information that I would like to correct in the wiki.

In particular the instructions on how to get to the test lua code page.

How do I get confirmed?


I you created an account on the Wiki, tell me the user name and I will confirm it.

Username is 480vac (just created a new one to match the forums) - thanks I hope my comments are helpful to the rest of the community.


I confirmed your account, you should be able to create and edit wiki pages now.