MCV Turnaround time

Just wondering…How long is the turnaround time to get my Vera back that I sent to get replace? I am so excited for this IR testing I can’t stand it! lol

You should call the main number or email sales@. Fulfillment is handled in a different office from tech support.

This is how it starts. I easily see that in few years there will be long phone menu to reach customer support in India, and 2 hours waiting on a line time.

Im not trying to be a basher but I read this on the features and benefits page and it stuck me as funny

“Vera includes a built-in wi-fi access point, firewall, gateway and router. But don’t let all that tech talk scare you. Vera is not like all those complicated networking products you’ve seen before. Vera is for the total novice.”

“With a LUA programming manual in hand, Vera can do many wonderful things for you. So easy Grandma could do it!” :smiley:

“When grandma isn’t knitting blankets, she enjoys programming her Vera controller”

lol. that’s funny. Also, I called MCV twice yesterday and twice today inquiring as to the whereabouts of my replacement vera that I sent in two weeks ago. I finally got an email today that says. “Sorry for the delay.” and for me to please “Send us your vera so we can reimburse you asap”…ummmmm I sent it two weeks ago annnnnddddd I want another one, not my money back.

I think they might be under staffed at the moment. They’ve provided me great service so far. I’ve found anything regarding “shipping” takes some patience.

Half the team is in Europe, and they’ve been on vacation. So the other half has been rather overwhelmed. I think that’s part of the confusion. Sorry…

I understand. I am just a very impatient person. HA is a critical part of my home now and now I am without it. It’s like not having a front door on your house or forgetting your cell phone at home…I feel so naked!

So I finally spoke with a gentleman at the start of the week who immediately got things straightened out for me. He put me in contact with Kelsey and told her to get the tracking # of my package from me and ship out a new Vera NOW. Kelsey said “Sorry about the trouble” and “no, unfortunately we can’t rush ship the package to you” “Since it’s the afternoon here, the package won’t ship until tomorrow therefore it will arrive on Thursday” Ok then…It’s Thursday and no package. I called, spoke to Kelsey, and she said the package is scheduled for delivery on the 28th! GRRRRRR. I sent Vera in on Sept 2nd and there was nothing to check once it arrived. It hits the door at MCV and a new one shipped out that day. Am I missing something? 26 days later I am told that I place the order (i placed an order?) before the shipping manager “resigned” and there was confusion when the package arrived since she doesn’t work there any more. My response? “SHE?” I thought Brian was the shipping manager. she said “oh, ummm he is but the girl was the operations manager and he had to run everything through her.” So what does the shipping “manager” do? The shipping MANAGER can’t even SHIP something without approval? And just because the Ops. Mgr. quit doesn’t mean Brian forgot how to do his job. Since knowone was there for him to ask, has he been just standing in the same spot with my package in his hands waiting on her to return? Don’t tell me he didn’t ask SOMEONE what to do once it arrived. Bottom line, while I may not post a million posts per day, I am considered a beta tester and try to contribute as much as I can. Hard to do without Vera. I don’t see how I can call the Tech guys and get immediate response over the phone and still be sitting here, going to be 26 days later, twiddling my thumbs and JUST got answers about my package 23 days later.