MCV review at Engadget today

cool, pretty good review including admission of some shortcomings, maybe a bit optimistic but so am I, lol, includes kudos for the forum regulars

Surprisingly positive review! :slight_smile: Congratulations to MCV and all of us, the Community! :slight_smile:

Thought the props to great support we get from members of this forum was right on the money …

Yeah, you hardly notice the different sized ‘buttons’ (device squares) in the UI…just teasing…

Great review, very thorough, but leaves out that you get the SQ Remote app for free with purchase of a Blaster (an awesome deal by the way). Also it refers to Vera as home automation simplified and the calls SQ Remote complex??? WTF, it seems like they got that backwards :stuck_out_tongue:

SQ Remote required zero instructions for setup and Vera/Z-Wave requires a PhD in geekology.

Great review (very accurate about the goods and bads), hopefully with this extra exposure MCV starts to get more serious about its product (which I really enjoy owning – with headaches and all). Kudos to the forum regulars, it will be impossible to work with the MCV unit without this forum.

I liked: “Support wiki feels like a GeoCities design”

@myhomeserver… are you “editore” in the comments section by chance? :wink:

Read the review today. It was far more in depth than a typical engadget review.

Just wanted to drop a thank you to the members of this forum. Without you I would have given up completely on my Vera. MCV should be writing a thank you to the community as I am sure that the reviewer’s take on the product would have been much lower without this forum to look to for answers.