@MCV: please, make Vera work with online calendars

One feature I miss the most is integration with Google (or other) Calendar. Scene timer is nice, but way too primitive. It would be very useful if Vera (or findvera for instance) could check a feed from the Calendar, and use Calendar event to run a scene, by event name, not by date. It would allow much more flexible management - special scenes for holidays, vacations, planned visits, etc - all kinds of things that so easy to set in Calendar, and so hard as individual timers in Vera.

Think about it - you could set special scenes to run every time you have a meeting with Mr. Doe - without thinking when and how often it happens, and what if event moved or canceled, because Vera/findvera would process the Calendar feed and adjust accordingly.

This would enable a whole slew of new uses for Vera, even for people that otherwise wouldn’t even think about home automation.

Hmm, sounds like an interesting Luup plugin… I’m not sure how generic you can make it though - just think of all the possible variables and events and trying to set them up from a simple web interface of Vera… :o

Well the reason I directed it @MCV is that I believe Vera could greatly benefit from it as a part of its core functionality, not some home brewed plugin.

I also think it might be too much of work for Vera to parse the feed frequently enough, I would process feeds on server (findvera), and just push the results into Vera.

As for UI perspective nothing really new is required - just add another timr option that would take calendar and event name as parameters.

This is a great idea!!! It’s not that simple though, but can be implemented. What I can tell you for sure is that for now, our main concern is to make the current features work flawless and then add new ones.