I’m using Vera Lite with RFXTrx433 and a Visonic 433MHz wireless relay MCT-100. It works well. Unfortunately Vera configures this relay as a motion sensor. I do in fact have the relay hooked up to a PIR but really just want to see the state of the contact, either closed or open. No arming or bypassing required.

The reason it’s a problem is that I’m using Homewave Push notification and am getting multiple alerts for each single event. I can’t understand why. Maybe I’ve configured the scene incorrectly but I figure that if the trigger was either an open or closed relay contact status it’d be simple.

So is it possible to change the motion sensor to a relay contact?

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I guess you should ask this question in the Rfxtrx plugin forum.

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  • Garrett

Apologies for the cross post and thanks for removing the first one. I wasn’t sure which sub-forum to use. You tend to think that no response means you’ve got the wrong sub-forum so I tried again in the correct one. As you can tell I’m pretty new to all this … although I’ve made qute a lot of progress after gleaning info from the raft of info that’s available on this great forum. Nearly there … just stuck on this issue with the MCT-100. Cheers.