Master Switch

I create a other plugin for pleasure and i decide to share it with you, a very simple program that send all on / all of command to your zwave network


Sounds interesting…

Although I’m guessing you have issues posting attachments to the forum?

It’s likely down to you not having posted enough times, I think it’s 25 posts or something like that…

I like the idea of being able to turn all the lights on or off. I haven’t tried the plugin yet but I have one question: Does it turn all the z wave deceives on? I ask because I have a z wave siren and a z wave garage electrical receptacle (for the garage door) that I wouldn’t want to come on. I guess the better question is can you select what devices to turn all on and all off?

And if you have to select … what’s the difference from having an ALL ON and ALL OFF scene … I guess you only specify the list of devices once.

I actually have an ALL off and ALL On Scene … I turn on more lights than I turn off.

I’m assuming it’s based on a broadcast of a Z-Wave all-on/off command, similar to what was explored a while back.

In that case, you’d have to configure each device how to respond to such a broadcast.

Installed it and looked at the implementation: based on Z-Wave broadcast.
See also a while back.

This may sound funny, but I am new to Vera. I installed this app to my Vera 3, however, how do I use it? Do I need to make an All On/Off Scene? I was thinking I could hit it like a light switch and all lights would turn on, etc.

I ave installed this Plugin. How do I use it?