Master and slave devices UI5 vs UI7

In beginning of UI5 there was the same way as now in UI7 for master and slave devices (e.g. fibaro and ezmotion). In the latest UI5 a master device and one slave was there for a 2x1.5kw fibaro. Now again as in the early UI5 days in UI7 there are 3 devices. 1 master and 2 childs. Of which the 1st child is useless and is not updated if controlled. Same for ezmotion 3-1. In UI5 there were 3 devices (light, motion and temperature). Now in UI7 there are 4 of which the child morion is useless as it is not updated (tripped) on motion. Only the master trips…

2 things:

  1. Anyone having same experience and have had contact with MCV about this? Solution on the way?

  2. MCV, if you read along… is this going to be resolved?