Manual control over lights when pleg triggered

I am not sure if this is possible.

Currently I am on the free version of pleg but if needs be I am willing to purchase a license.

I have my passage lights come on when motion is detected, it is night time and when I am at home.

What I wanted is manual control of the light when I need them to be kept on if I’m doing some work in the passage rather than it closing automatically after set period.

Thanks in advance

Post a Status report so we can see what you have cooked up.

My first thought is to use a virtual switch. The PLEG can ignore turning off lights if the switch is on.

I use an input timer (retriggerable) to control the off time.

Then I have two triggers:

  1. The normal motion triggers (when light is off), in the action you can specify the time for this trigger, or leave it off and use the default time.

  2. You can can have a second trigger
    That can specify a much longer timer.
    Different options here depending on your setup and hardware:
    a) If your switch supports instant status, you can use the MultiCount operator:
    LightOn @ 2 < 1:00
    Then you can turn the light on, off, then on to get a longer interval.
    b) LIght turned on while motion is NOT triggered.