Manage Rooms

I’m using UI4 on Vera 2. All was working fine and then this morning, I tried to add a new room to an existing section. Using “manage rooms” from the dashboard, I entered the new room name, selected an existing section to add it. I scroll down in the dashboard and see that it’s there. When I click to “save” (red text at top of page), it saves, reconfigures z-wave, all seems fine. When I now look for the newly added room - it’s not there!! I’ve tried it a few times, including refreshing the UI page and the room is not there after I save. Any ideas?

I was able to resolve this kind of issue by unplugging the Vera Controller from power. Then I waited for few mins and plug back in. All the saved data will be there (at least for me) after the reboot. Try that and hopefully it will fix this issue.