Manage Alexa

I’ve just discovered how to get to the Manage Alexa page after initial setup (login to and it’s an option in the drop down in the top right by clicking on the account name). I almost never login like this, so it wasn’t obvious.

Could that be added to the Amazon Alexa Helper plugin page you see via the controller management UI (it currently just says “There are no devices created by this plugin” so it’s much use.
It would also be good if that plugin had an Alexa icon (I know not critical to operation) and the help link went somewhere more useful than MiOS

Could the Alexa skill also have a link to the “Manage Alexa” page added?

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First of all, THANK YOU for pointing out where this is! Seriously Vera, could you have hidden this any deeper? I’ve been googling for ages trying to figure out how to add a newly added device to the alexa skill with no luck other than deleting the skill/app and then re-adding it… LAME.

x2 for adding a link to add or edit devices in APPS Amazon Alexa helper

Hello there,

We’re improving the UI- this means the UI for the mobile apps and the web UI. This is happening now. So we appreciate any and all UI feedback.
We are also in the process of a documentation overhaul. We hear you and we need to update it and give it the polish that you mention.

We have dedicated teams working on both of these projects now. We’re working to make the product more intuitive and to create a delightful overall experience.

In the meantime, our Customer Care is free and unlimited for the lifetime of your controller. We’re here to help if you happen to need help with even the smallest or oddest detail.

Thanks for creating this thread.
This has been doing my head in since I got a Echo and ran into the same problem and you have saved me the trouble of opening a ticket (but to who was the question- Amazon or Vera).

I’ll just to this with a request.

Is it possible to create a link from the Dashboard to the Manage Alexa page?
Now, I’m finding that I have to log out, then log in to get to the Manage Page, really a very convoluted path to travel to achieve such a simple request.

Time warp. It’s almost 2 years later and the situation remains the same on this question. Is the OP still part of the Community and wondering when he’ll get an answer? (I do, too.)