Manage Alexa Ezlo shows devices multiple times

I have about 30 zwave devices on my ezlo controller. However, when I go to Manage Alexa Ezlo, I see devices about 3 to 5 times that and many are named the same. How can we refresh/reset this list so it only shows the current devices?

It’s a new recent problem the Ezlo Devs are aware.

@osman any news on this from Valentin?

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I am in a similar situation with 27 devices on a Ezlo Plus controller and I see a huge list of duplicate devices in Manage Alexa Ezlo.

I also see some older devices from a previous Vera controller that has since been removed.


This is a known issue so it has been reported. It’s currently being worked on by our cloud team. We expect it to be completely fixed in the next few days!!

As soon as we receive a confirmation on the fixed deployment, we will follow up with you.

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Do you have an update of when this issue will be resolve? Since few days, i’m not able to link my ezlo secure devices with alexa.

Thanks for the follow up.

See also my thread here: posted 24 days ago. Said new device that I added to my Ezlo hub back then has still not shown up in Alexa, nor has there been any sort of update as to what the issues are.

Also, multiple threads about VOI not working, and the status page shows “Partial Outage” for Ezlo VOI

Personally, I wouldn’t consider 24 days+ as being “completely fixed in the next few days”, as the response to such queries has repeatedly been… :stuck_out_tongue: