Making the Switch from Verizon to VeraLite

I’m getting ready to make the switch from the Verizon Home Monitoring & Control system to a VeraLite Gateway. It seems Verizon has pulled the plug on selling their system and hardware. Although they are still supporting current customers with tech support, it’s only a matter of time before they shutdown the division altogether. And besides, this means they won’t be fixing existing system bugs or updating apps.

So after doing some research, I’ve decided to go with a VeraLite Gateway.

I currently have:

[ul][li]5 Indoor Cameras (looks like the Schlage LiNK WCW100)[/li]
[li]5 Outdoor Cameras (looks like the Schlage WCO100NX)[/li]
[li]5 Door & Window Sensors (looks like the Aeon Labs DSB04100)[/li]
[li]6 Indoor Light Modules (looks like the GE 45602)[/li]
[li]1 Remote Control[/li][/ul]

All the above was purchase through Verizon.

I know that all of these must first be unpaired from my current gateway before pairing them to the VeraLite and I have read that the cameras can be “flashed” to give me superior imaging to what Verizon offered. Is there anything else I need to consider before making the move?

Also, what are the options with video storage? Right now it’s through Verizon which costs $10 a month.

If anyone else has made this switch, please chime in with your conversion stories.


Do you have a link to any source on this. I’m very surprised to hear it as Verizon has only been in the business for about two years.

I don’t know anything about flashing the cameras, but these cameras are IP cameras. Vera can utilize the cameras via IP displaying snapshots or live video over smart phone apps and so forth. The free Micasaverde service can also store as limited number of snapshots or video clips. However, if you wish to maintain recorded video then you will need something else as well. I would suggest you have a look at a local PC running BlueIris NVR software.

The door sensors, light modules, etc. will work fine if they are Z-Wave.

Welcome to the world of Vera.

Well, my first cue was that the site where Verizon was selling the service and equipment was no longer accessable.

And when I posted the question on their forum I received the following reply from Verizon Support:

What Armond stated is correct,
According to articles published elsewhere, Verizon stopped selling HM&C equipment on 13 October 2013. As far as I can tell the support and technical issues will still be supported, but I cannot determine the duration or scope of support.
we will continue support for HM&C and will replace any equipment that is under warranty if needed.

Josh B


Well, here’s hoping that eBay gets flooded with surplus Z-Wave equipment and prices take a dive.

I can dream…


I’m addicted. I kind of want every possible device in my home integrated as well. Let it rain Z-wave modules!

Yup, that’s how I got most of my equipment. Although it is all Verizon gear, I bought most of it on eBay & Craig’s List for pennies on the dollar.

Anyone want 3 Verizon gateways really cheep? Or should just strip them for the gold?

Well just got a few more cameras from a x-Verizon customer on eBay for less then 1/2 the original Verizon cost. That’s it! no more cameras! >:( This stuff is addictive. I actully have some backups now and 4 Verizon Gateways. I guess I can melt them down for the gold. ;D