Making 2 seperate Dimmers Master/Slave?

I have two seperate circuits, each with their own dimmer switch. I would like to make one of the circuits a Master dimmer that will force the other switch to dim accordingly. I got the slave to go all the way on or off depending in what direction I went with the Master, but I don’t know how to have it look at the Master and dim to the same level.

You’ll need to provide more detail, the first three that come to mind would be:

1 What type of Vera 1 2 3 or lite?
2 What version of Vera ui4 or ui5 … Earlier?
3 What brand and model are the zwave switches?

I too am new to zwave/Vera but I know those in the know would need the above at a minimum.

You will probably need some luup code:

function setval ()
  DimSvc = "urn:upnp-org:serviceId:Dimming1"
  SlaveDeviceID = 10
  MasterDeviceId = 5
  val = luup.variable_get(DimSvc, "LoadLevelTarget", MasterDeviceID)
  luup.call_action(DimSvc, "SetLoadLevelTarget", {newLoadLevelTarget = val}, SlaveDeviceID)

Some init code:
luup.variable_watch("setval", DimSvs, "LoadLevelTarget", MasterDeviceID)

See: [url=][/url] for more info.

Vera 3, UI5, Intermatic c300 dimmers.

Thanks for the code. I see where you got it from. I will still have some questions, but I am going to play with it tonight and see what I get. I Love This Stuff.

Problem with the luup code is that the intermatic switches technically do not support instant status. So there will be a delay when manually operating the switch.

  • Garrett

Does not use the status … reads the SetTarget value and set the others SetTarget.

Correct, but any changes to the target value on the switch manually will not take effect right away on the other switch. Hence instant updates will not be used.

  • Garrett

Wouldn’t you need to watch [tt]LoadLevelStatus[/tt] to pick up changes made locally on the device? (Potentially only after polling, as mentioned.)

Ok… tried the code. can you be more in depth on exactly where to put it? It goes in there exactly as written but with my device numbers? I tried some blinking code, but only made it work once and i don’t know how I did it. ahahahahahaaaa

Ok… I am trying this but with no success. Could you please elaberate a little more on what I need to do? I have entered this into the scene luup. I have added the right addresses in the Master/ Slave and I get “code error”.