Make ImperiHome the Home Screen

I have two phones and two tablets running ImperiHome Pro. The two tablets are dedicated to the application so I have ImperiHome set to automatically launch at startup.

Sometimes, when using some of the other applications I have on my ImperiHome menus, pressing the Back button takes me out of the application and back to my home screen. Is there a way to make ImperiHome the home screen to always have the back button return to the application?


Many people have some form of this issue. In my opinion, your best bet is to research the Android app called Tasker. It’s a system wide automation/task utility.

As an example, Tasker should be able to detect if Imperihome is in the foreground and run it if it is not.

Thanks for the reply. I do actually have and use Tasker already. I’m not sure how to implement your suggestion. Maybe I’m not following you…

If I launch one of my other apps from the ImperiHome menu (for example Nest, LiftMaster MyQ, tinyCam Monitor, etc.), I want that app to be in the foreground. If I set Tasker to check the foreground app and if it’s not ImperiHome, then launch it, my other apps would exit immediately.

I’ve tried Tasker set up to do this but in my experience it wasn’t really satisfactory. On the primary control tablet we have in the kitchen we have several other apps that can be launched from ImperiHome, one of them is the shopping list app.

You hit the back arrow in the shopping list app to go back to ImperiHome, but if as SJMarty notes, you hit it twice you’re back at Android. So I configured Tasker to check if ImperiHome was active and if not make it active. But if you start the grocery list from ImperiHome it starts and within seconds goes right back to ImperiHome :slight_smile:

I’m one of the many folks who requested that ImperiHome be set up as an Android Launcher application so it would be Home. so far nothing but hope springs eternal :slight_smile:

I see with both of Matry and clippers post…

Clipper’s post probably makes the most sense but you will wait a long time or forever for this feature.

I would suggest because of the flexibility with Tasker, that you try to figure out a profile that is essentially “if this app is running and exited, relaunch IMperhihome”.

Go to XDA, signup if you don’t have it and this thread below has some real sharp people who can do some awesome stuff with Tasker. Pose your question and they may have a solution and guidance.

I use a simple app called “Target Home Launcher”. This allows me to set IH as the launcher. I then just use IH page with a few apps links such as Skype and Spotify to use those apps.

Brilliant! Just tested it and it appears to do “everything we’ve always wanted in a launcher” :slight_smile:


Nice! Now if we could get it to have a time out back to the home screen after a set time of non use… if you have gone to another app.

Use tasker and when the screen is off for a period of time, have it bring imperihome to the forefront. Not 100% it is possible to detect how long the screen is off, but that is my suggestion :slight_smile:

Funny side problem with this. If I want to go to the android home screen to run another app, I can’t do it now.

Funny side problem with this. If I want to go to the android home screen to run another app, I can’t do it now.[/quote]

That’s kind of the point. This would be useful for a dedicated tablet that runs ImperiHome.

Funny side problem with this. If I want to go to the android home screen to run another app, I can’t do it now.[/quote]

I tried it for a while and found the same thing. I set up a ImperiHome page with launch buttons for commonly used utilities like a file manager, DropBox, and others. But inevitably i needed an app that wasn’t already defined :slight_smile:

Great idea, just left a little to be desired in the execution :slight_smile:

I have my vera lite turn IH tablets in the home to the home page every half hour. Not the best solution, but it is nice in case someone leaves them on a another page.

How did you do that?

How did you do that?[/quote]
These directions are detailed in UI5. UI7 will be similar.

You need the Imperihome add in.

Once installed and connected to your mobile device with IH on it. Create a new scene and schedule it for what interval you would like. for example 30 mins or every hour, whatever.
Then under the advanced tab, select “Imperhine Device” and select add.
Then select “Go To Dash Page”
Then enter the number that represents the page you want your mobile device to show at the time interval specified earlier in this scenes schedule.

Remember your pages are numbered 0- whatever from Left to right on your IH layout. 0 = Home page.
Let me know if it works for you.

Ah, didn’t realize there was a plugin for vera. Thought it was just the android app

I’ll look into it.