Major Problem with App,CT100 and UI7

So I’ve identified a huge problem with the latest beta, UI7 and my CT100 thermostat. If I adjust the temperature using the arrows instead of the slider my entire Z-wave network goes unresponsive. Like “cannot contact devices” unresponsive. No amount of healing the network, restoring back ups or calling vera support will fix the problem. I have to clear my entire system and re-add each device. This is the 3rd time it has happened, the first time my veralite went back under warranty and I got a new one. The 2nd time I wasn’t sure exactly what caused it and so I re-setup my network and went on with my life. Yesterday, I made the same mistake with changing the temp with the arrows and now my network is lost again. So I’m sure it has to do with either AuthomationHD or my CT100. Anyone have any guesses of where to start troubleshooting?

I may have found something that points in the right direction. In the UI7.0.10 notes, it says that some thermostats don’t support 0.5 increments. The arrow keys step in 0.5 increments… could this be what is screwing with my zwave network?

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