MagicLight Smart Light

Can someone tell me how to set up my Ezlo Secure to control my MagicLight RGB bulbs? So far I’ve just been using the Magic Home app and Alexa.

I’ve search the forums and found old posts for the Vera. I’ve also read about IP Device integration but it’s not clear if I should be using it or how.

There was an old 3rd party plugin for Vera hubs for those MagicLights. Think I used it once for the one LED strip driver I tried which was MagicLight.

There is no such plugin for the Ezlo hubs.

To use the IP Device plugin which might be possible to get some basic control over those lights there needs to be an open API from MagicLight to directly control those Wifi lights via http commands.

I’d start Googling for that information first if its available.

Thank you again @cw-kid. I’m a googling.