I know there’s not a large group of people with the new Puck yet but I was looking for help with setting up my macros.

My set up is: Sony TV - Sony Receiver - Verizon Fios DVR - Apple TV - Playstation - Security Cams (non-ip)
My issue is: Initial start up and Moving from one source to the next. If I set up a “All On” macro, it would look something like

[font=Verdana]TV Power On - DVR Power On - Receiver Power On[/font]
and this works ok except for some reason the DVR comes on but goes to sleep so it wants the “Menu” button pushed.

So I set this up-
[font=Verdana]TV Power On - DVR Power On - Receiver Power On - DVR Select Menu[/font]

Now my TV wasn’t coming on so I added “repeat 2” to the TV command which didn’t fix it. Next I tried shuffling the order things happened but that didn’t fix it. I did find that if I held the “All On” button for a few seconds it seemed to work but then I couldn’t get the “Menu” button to work.

So any thoughts or hints as people start to build their systems would be great and I’ll post any solutions I come up with.

Moving on to switching sources:
I can easily tell the Receiver to move from one source to the next but again, the TV is being difficult. All my sources are coming from my Receiver except the security cams, they enter directly into the TV with another video source. So if I switch to Apple TV, no problem but if I go from Apple TV to Cams, it goes about half the time and when I try to go from Cams to DVR, almost never on the first try. I think the Macros are getting so big due to the fact that I have to set them up for any possible previous source, meaning I might be watching my DVR and want to see the Cam or from the Cam to the Apple TV or the DVR to the Apple TV. The macros get to be huge when you take all those variable in and change all the sources. They also have to consider that I might be starting with everything off or one of the components might be off.

Have you tried inserting a delay between IR commands? This can be sometimes very important as I learned from programming my Logitech Harmony remote in the past. I setup several macros last night with the puck and got in the habit of adding a 500ms delay between every IR command. That may be over kill, but if you try that and it works, you can then look to dial it back.


Sony: codes sets beginning with UEI generally don’t need a repeat setting for macros, as the required repeat is built into the code set. If you are using the non-UEI code set then we have found a repeat of 2 to 5 is required for Sony kit.

Most of the higher end Sony kit have discrete on/off codes and input select codes which should help with “it depends what state the equipment is in when I send the macro”

Setting delays between some commands is also needed.


I have been playing with Macros on two separate AV configurations in two separate locations, and I have had many problems like the ones that are described here.

I have found that changing the order of powering ON devices (or OFF) can have an effect (not always the required one). The main thing that seems to work to avoid these strange behaviors is to ensure that the pauses between commands is sufficiently long and that the repeats are set correctly. I have had (in a few cases) had to increase the timing to almost 2 seconds in one case (a combination of a Sat box (European) a Phillips DVD player with built in surround sound, and a relatively new flat-screen Sony TV. There seemed to be little logic with the timings… at least with the equipment that I have been playing with.

Same here. I insert a “standard” delay of 500ms between all commands, but several of my sequences such as between powering on my AV Receiver and telling it to switch inputs, requires a 3000ms delay or more.

Would it be possible for SQ Connect to define a “default delay” for each device, similar to how you have a setting for “default repeat” now? This is an approach that Logitech took in their Harmony gear, and while it may make some sequences take longer than they strictly need to to execute, it makes it much easier for the user to set it once and forget it, rather than manually including delays in each macro. Just a though, I’d be happy to submit another feature request if you think it appropriate.

We are including a standard delay on each device yes!! (probably next release of the SQ Remote software) that also ties in to a channel selector control.

There is a small problem with standard delays in that they are fine for channels etc… but the power on / start up delay often needs to be a lot longer…

As far as Macros go I have found a few things that were helpful were to add a delay in front of my first command, my channel changing macros worked better when I added a delay before the first command (delay, command, delay, command, delay, command). I use a 200ms delay in between Digits and it works pretty quickly on my Fios cable box. Also I like the feature in the macro-list of moving commands or delays within the list by grabbing the command/delay on its far right side and dragging to a new position. It allowed me to easily convert from having delays after each command to having them before, just drag and drop.

Can you explain how Device delays and repeats work with the Command delays and repeats, do the Device ones override the Command ones or are they added to them?

After playing with the delays and moving the components around in the list I think I have the best possible working solution but I could use some help with another issue.

I’ve found that using a “Toggle Power” command to turn everything on and off is the most reliable way but I’m finding that if I start the app while everything is already going and tell it to change components (switch from Fios to Apple TV for example) it never works the first try or something will switch but not all of the components in the macro. If I mess with it first, say adjust the volume or bring up a guide THEN try to switch activities or components it works. Any thoughts?