LYNX Touch 5200 Integration


Presentely I have a simple old RF Surveillance system (LynXRY24). I want to reuse the wireless compoonents with the LYNX Touch 5200.

I would like to take advantage of the Vera Edge programming features.

Can the Vera Edge control the Lynx Touch 5200?

Any limitation?

Ayone is have the same kind of setup?



No. The Lynx Touch 5000/5200/7000 panels do NOT work with Vera, and can NOT be made to work with Vera.

The LynxR24 uses the 5800 series wireless devices, so they can be used on a Vista panel with a 5881/2/3 receiver or a RF keypad… BUT… The latest Vista 20P/21iP firmware does not support older 5800 sensors… So if you want to reuse your sensors and be able to control/monitor it with Vera, get a Vista 15P (or Vista 20P that is old new stock, or used)… and connect it to the Vera with an EVL3 or EVL4 or an AD2USB.

Wow, you are savimng me money :slight_smile:

If I buy a 20P or a 15P, do you know the version of the firmware I need in order to be able to controle the RF 5800 Moduie?

If I get a newer version I can downgrade it to an older version?

Many MANY thanks,

I did some further research…

The issue of newer panels not being able to use old 5800 sensors is twofold…

  1. There was a manufacturing process change to the 5800 series sensors in 2003.
  2. There was a manufacturing process change to the 20P panels in 2015.

panels with a date code of Y001 or greater (year = Y = 2015, 001 = first day) will not enroll pre-2003 5800 sensors, regardless of firmware version.

So, you want to get a panel that was manufactured before January 1, 2015. (a date code less than Y001 - Y = 2015, X = 2014, T = 2013, S = 2012, etc)

The date code is printed on the model label on the exterior of the box. If you can get a panel with v9.16 or v9.18 firmware, It should be compatible with the older sensors, as v10 firmware was deployed in late 2014.


Check the date code on the sensors (should be on a sticker attached to the circuit board - if it has not been removed) and make sure they where manufactured after 2003 ( D = 2001, E = 2002, F = 2003,etc)

Well…see the attached image. What do you think?

I also have 4 door open RF components.

Thanks again!

[quote=“rbarbeau, post:5, topic:189285”]Well…see the attached image. What do you think?

I also have 4 door open RF components.

Thanks again![/quote]

The date code for this device is actually printed on the circuit board… F125 = year 2003 day 125 = May 5, 2003.

So, you WILL need a panel manufactured before January 1, 2015…

You can still pick up new-in-box panels with v9.18 on ebay for under $50USD + shipping…

Remember, you will also need an RF receiver (either stand-alone of integrated into a keypad)… and an Alpha keypad to be able to program the panel properly…

The 5883H RF receiver goes for about $120USD + shipping.
The 6160 (or 6162) keypad goes for about $60USD ($90USD) + shipping.


The 6160RF (or 6162RF) keypad with integrated RF receiver goes for about $110USD ($130USD) + shipping.

So… Best bet is to get the 6160RF (or 6162RF)…The stand-alone module is intended for upgrading an existing panel or installations that require multiple receivers… The integrated RF keypads are more than adequate for even the largest single family homes.

Also, you will need the hardware to allow integration with the Vera…
Envisalink EVL3 (just discontinued, but still available) or EVL4 - About $95USD(EVL3) or $120(EVL4) + shipping
AD2USB - about $90USD + shipping.