Luup_Request for creating new section

I was trying to find a Luup_Request via the http interface to add new section but I couldn’t find an appropriate one in the MCV wiki…
Is there some tricky way for creating new sections?

If you are running UI5, adding sections is not supported at the moment. There has been request to add this back. Not sure the priority of this request is currently at.

  • Garrett

Oh, thank you garrettwp. It’s a pity… So I hope they bring that option back soon.

I hope so too. They removed it in UI5 and I have voiced my opinion loudly to bring it back. MCV did say that they will bring it back, but it will be low priority. I currently still have my sections in place from UI4. Glad I do not have to make any new sections.

  • Garrett

Is the approximate date of a major upgrade known?

While waiting for MCV to deal with this issue maybe downgrading the UI to some older version is a good solution? Is it possible at all?

No date mentioned for next firmware. You’ll have to downgrade to UI4 which is only available for Vera 2 and Vera 1.

  • Garrett

Link to the bug report.