Luup Plugin - Energenie PMS LAN Switch


To ensure I give back to this community, which has been educating me in all things Lua and Luup over the years (12+) I wanted to share some of the plugins I’ve built recently to see if any are of use/interest to others.

The first one is for the Energenie PMS LAN Switch where I have built two different versions, the first is a parent/child set up - below

Here’s a quick screenshot of how it looks on my VeraPlus….

The second is a single device version, which I will post later…

Here’s a quick screenshot of that one.

Both are likely not pretty to those who are way more competent in developing than me, and it nowhere near perfect, but it is functional (which is the main thing :slight_smile: ) . That’s said I’m always looking for feedback and keen to hear how it works from anyone who uses it.

@admins - not sure who to mention, but would this post be better placed in the Plugin Section overhere → General Plugin Discussion - Ezlo Community ?

@Sorin Could you help to move this post to the requested section?

done & done!

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