luup / lua - two questions from a novice


What’s the difference between luup and lua?

Why is there a luup code box with each trigger and one for the entire scene? Can the scene be aborted from a luup code in the trigger’s luup box and does the luup code in the other luup box only run if the scene is not already aborted due to a code in the trigger box?


Lua is a programming language (with a capital “L”). Luup is a Lua module that implements extensions to suit and to give access to the MIOS environment - the Luup “engine”. Presumably Luup is a contraction of “LuaUPnP”, which in turn is just a combination of Lua and UPnP.

On the rest, have a look at the diagram on this page:

The explanation above is correct and below is the additional reference.

Can you break your questions down a bit as it just got a little lost when I first read it. I will try to answer as best I can.

The luup box is a UI design and each scene can implement an action or not activate an action based on the code. I not sure where you are seeing the luup code within the trigger.

A trigger is a single event that result in the action being performed or adversely not continuing. E.g start and stop.

Have a read here:

[quote=“a-lurker, post:2, topic:177632”]On the rest, have a look at the diagram on this page:[/quote]

I have looked at this diagram dozens of times before without noticing the answer to this question. Now I see it! Thank you so much :slight_smile: