“luup.inet.wget” not working on Ezlo hubs?

Anyone else confirm that “luup.inet.wget” doesn’t work in LUA script in Ezlo scenes?

Just tested trying to send out a simple http command to node red on my LAN and it’s not working, my http command is not carried out when I run the Ezlo scene.

Hi @cw-kid

I’m checking on this with our level 2 team. Once I get a response I will post an update here.


I can confirm curl commands work in LUA script in Ezlo scenes OK, but not wget

os.execute('curl -X POST http://my-command')
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Thank you for the additional feedback.

The issue has been reported to development on https://jira.mios.com/browse/ECS-479 and hopefully can be addressed soon.

Hi @cw-kid,

On the Ezlo Hubs none of the luup commands exists. Hence you cannot use any of that in scenes. You can look at the new api documentation Lua - Ezlo API Documentation for things you can make to work.

Cheers Rene

Oh yes I forgot they have broken everything.

So we can’t even use our existing lua code

Nope we cannot :frowning:

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