Luup.inet.wget command not working as Activity

I have been running my own bash script to enable and disable my Blink cameras based on the state of my Vera controller. Home = Disarm them. Not Home = Arm them. However Blink (Amazon) just emailed me saying that my unauthorized 3rd party API use is being terminated next week. I setup a webhook within IFTTT that will trigger the cameras to be armed or disarmed and using the URL within my browser works perfectly. If I run the command within PLEG it works as well. However within Reactor, with the Activity option set as “Run LUA” the command never appears to be sent. My cameras never arm or disarm. Is the LUA command different within Reactor than PLEG? (I have 2 controllers, one with PLEG and the other with Reactor. Just haven’t started migrating everything to Reactor yet.)


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Have you considered using Reactor’s built-in [HTTP Request] action instead of Lua code? Might be easier to test with that, at least.

There’s still a lot for me to learn about Reactor. Didn’t know about that feature. Can that be defined as an activity?

Yep. It can do GET or POST depending on your needs.

Can you post a Logic Summary from the Tools tab? Let’s look at what you actually have. In principal, this should work fine, but the devil is in the details and if what you’ve entered is literally what you posted, it will not work. So let’s see reality and go from there.

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What I entered is exactly what I posted, with the exception of the EVENT and KEY values. I changed those for security reasons here.

I have emailed you the logic summary.

Thank you!

Mmmm. When I put the luup.inet/wget string into a regular Vera string, it doesn’t execute the URL correctly either. The only difference between the two, besides firmware levels, is I have my remote one secured, requiring Vera authentication. Could that be an issue?

EDIT: Found the issue. Within the Security Settings I did not have unsafe LUA commands enabled to be run. As soon as I put a check mark there, the scene and Reactor actions ran perfectly.

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