Luup for Deleting Schlage PINs

I’m looking to write LUUP code to Delete Schlage PINs from multiple locks. In reading this post: [url=][/url] I understand how to SET PINs with LUUP (I need to do this as well, so that post was helpful). However, I’m not sure how to DELETE Schlage PINs with LUUP.

All help is appreciated.


The name of the UPnP service for door locks is [tt]urn:micasaverde-com:serviceId:DoorLock1[/tt]

According to [tt]S_DoorLock1.xml[/tt] the name of the UPnP action is [tt]ClearPin[/tt] and the parameter is [tt]UserCode[/tt].

In addition there is an action [tt]ClearPinValidity[/tt] with arguments [tt]UserCode[/tt] and [tt]slotID[/tt].

Use luup.call_action ( to invoke the UPnP services.