luup engine is taking longer to reload


For the last few days i have been having an issue where i cant log into my Vera Edge and its unresponsive.

Currently i am on 1.7.1569, i was on the latest FW but downgraded to try and resolve this error.

Attached is a screenshot. The only way to quickly resolve this is to pull the power, but this isnt an option when im not at home.

Any ideas on what i can do to resolve this?


Found this in another thread which was a few days ago.

The latest backup i manually took, i think was when i was experiencing the issue.
Will that cause an issue restoring it? or do i have to go further back?

Found the same thing after updating to the latest FW. Now I cannot access the VeraLit at all anymore. Something is drastically wrong.
It says, “Error no relay found” return to page.

Help anyone?

I resolved my issue and had it confirmed by the support chap on the phone this is what he would have done for my issue:

The commands that I used once I logged in the the Edge by ssh were:

cd /etc/cmh
mv user_data.json.lzo user_data.json.lzo.bak
mv user_data.json.lzo.5 user_data.json.lzo

When I replaced the current user_data.json.lzo file with the oldest backup of this file and restarted cmh everything worked again.

Now HWVE, mine was a vera edge which was able to be accessed from outside the network slightly different than your error.
Did you take a backup prior to the fw update?
can you not restore that?


Thanks for your reply. I always make a backup prior to updating the FW. However, when I went and looked at the VeraLite, I saw that not all LED’s were lit. So I did a reboot by unplugging/plugging the vera and all went back to normal.

Thank you for message alpha1 !!!