Luup engine is taking longer to reload.


I just bought a brand new Verde lite, haven’t even added any zwave devices yet. When it booted up for the first time it said that it needed to update firmware. I updated the firmware and it said it would take 15minutes, if it took longer to pull the power cord and plug back in. I waited over 30 minutes, it didn’t come back up. I pulled the power cord and it booted back up, but now when I bring up the web interface using the local ip address, i get the error above.

I’ve rebooted the unit, but it still comes up with this error. I’ve pulled the power and plugged back in, still comes up with this error.

I’m assuming something must have gone wrong with the firmware update??? How do I get this thing to a usuable state? Or do I just RMA it back to Amazon?

Luup engine is taking longer to reload.
Try again

You can try to reboot your unit

If the problem persist, please contact tech support
Request tech support

nevermind, ran through this… appears to be working now.

PLEASE HELP! I’m scared. I’ve put so much work into my Vera and now it’s showing this message.
Was just in the middle of adding some virtual switches when it stopped responding. :frowning:

If I can’t recover, starting over will take me days to fix!

As soon as the message is received, try refreshing your browser not your Vera. First thing is back up…
There are more plugging running at start up and this maybe the causing the message. I have received this but the refresh has always resolved it.

I’m getting this message after trying to configure my VeraLite with a manual IP.

I’m able to connect with a browser to the system on the new IP (that’s why I can read the message!)


I get a notification on the page:
“I cannot connect to the internet. Please be sure the WAN port is connected to your network and click ‘try again’.”
The same thing happens on “trying again”.

The option button on the page which says “manually configure internet” appears non-functional.

Any ideas? Help much appreciated.


Further searching reveals that:,11787.msg85282.html#msg85282

would seem to describe my problem exactly.

So I’ll be trying the hardware reset solution described there…

…just hope that this doesn’t undo the pairing with my other system that I had to get MCV Tech Support to make work in the first place!