Luup Engine crashing Loop

What I’m experiencing with this unit deserve to be share and if a solution is found here (in the community) then it might help others with similar situations… nevertheless it will be another lesson for the official vera support to be learned.

Over a month ago my unit started to act funny and after looking at the logs I’ve noticed the Luup engine kept on crashing every 5 minutes, sometimes even shorter. So I’ve started to troubleshoot and follow the basic procedure We’ll know to find what might be causing it.

-I’ve started removing plugin one by one and when I got the very last one the Luup engine crashing loop remained.

-I went ahead and exclude all devices, reset the z-wave network and reset the unit to factory default and re-include every single device, The unit remained stable for a few days and the Luup engine crashing luup started again.

  • I tried restoring a backup from when the unit was suppose to be stable but that did not help either.

So then I decided to open a ticket with support and it’s been over a week since I’ve opened it and yet the solution is to be found. After many calls, attached many LuaUPnp.log files, report constantly to the ticket the same behavior over and over… They mentioned in one of their replies that the reason why the engine is crashing is because some of the device can’t be reached.

Vera support: "I took a look on the logs and the Lua engine restarts because there are z-wave communication issues beteen Vera and your devices.

Vera tries to poll your devices and fails"

As many of us might know the Luup engine should not crash just because it can’t communicate with some device as many device come in and out of the constantly (Z-wave FOB, battery operated devices etc)

At this point I have ran out of options and resources and my only hope is to share it with all of you and try to get a few other ideas I could try to sort this out.

Linked is a typical Luup engine crashing loop log report in this unit

Any help would be greatly appreciated…