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I have been seeing “Luup : Downloading Luup Plugins” messages on my controller for a couple of weeks now. I thought it was related to the firmware released since it happened around the same time. I upgraded my firmware, which had its own issues. But I am still seeing the Downloading Luup messages. I worked with support to get my firmware upgrade issues resolved, which resulted in the deleting of a few apps, including Netatmo. When I reinstalled the app, the Downloading messages came back. Support confirmed that it is the Netatmo plugin causing the messages. I found the attached image within my Lua log too. Is there a URL typo or some other way that I can correct this? Every time my engine reloads I see the attached in my log.

[ul][li]which Netatmo plugin?[/li]
[li]which version?[/li]
[li]which Vera firmware?[/li][/ul]

and perhaps most importantly, how did you install it?

I wasn’t aware there was more than 1 Netatmo plug anymore. A couple of years ago there were two.
I am running the current version from the App “store?”. - 18.227 - Installed through the Apps section of my Vera Plus
I am running the latest Vera firmware too. 7.0.27 (1.7.4001)

However the problem has gone away now. I uninstalled and reinstalled a couple of times. For some reason when I installed, it would create a Netatmo device, but after a reload or two, the device would be gone. I was having issues with my firmware upgrade and no storage space.

Long story short, after the final reinstall I had reloaded the engine a couple of times and was still getting the message. I then posted my message. A few more engine reloads and the messages went away. I can see the files in my /etc/cmh-ludl directory now too.

First there was just the one I wrote, then, some years later, there was ‘native’ Netatmo support. This has caused some confusion.

However, glad that, for whatever reason, it all appears to be working now!

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