Luup debugging

I’m a new owner of a Vera 2 (UI4/1.1.1047) and very keen to get going with Luup coding. As an experienced C# coder, being able to effectively debug is very important to me, so I’m trying to access the logs. I’ve read through so much wiki and forum material, and many pages reference debugging/logging here:

I can’t get it to work though. The wiki provides two options for getting at the logs, but I can’t get either to work:

  1. “Before Vera will let you login you must set a ‘root’ password. Do this by either going to Vera’s Advanced, Net & Wi-fi tab and clicking ‘Advanced configuration’” - but this gives me Error 500 Internal System Error.
  2. “or by opening a Windows command prompt and typing: telnet vera_ip (where vera_ip is the IP address of Vera). If you login with telnet, type: passwd and press enter to set a root password.” - but I get connection refused.

Any ideas what I’m doing wrong and how I can view logs? ???

If you have a Vera2, the default root password is printed on a label on the bottom. You can use that with SSH to get in.

On my system the root password is labeled “Wireless password” but worked to access the system via SSH