Luup.call_delay less than one second

I would like to have a delay that does not block anything that is sub one second. Say a minimum of 0.25 seconds. How can this be done? eg like luup.call_delay but with a delay shorter than one second - both in Vera & openLuup.

If you’re not calling it too frequently, then what’s wrong with a blocking call? I think your only option on Vera would be luup.sleep(), since delays and timers can only be specified in seconds, IIRC.

Under openLuup, however, the intrinsic delay and timer functions work with sub-millisecond resolution, although you’d have to call them using their object-oriented methods, rather than, I think, (I’d need to check.)

I can obviously provide examples.

Reactor routinely makes 0 (zero) delay calls and this works fine on both Vera Luup and openLuup. It functions as a yield of sorts–you don’t know when you’re actually going to get called back, but it’s usually pretty darned quick (milliseconds).

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