I’m trying to use the following as a pushbutton command on a web page:

Is there a way I can suppress the OK return message or redirect it to a file such that it does not change the contents of my webpage.

Do not understand what you are asking …

I do not know what this has to do with luup.call_action ?

Maybe you should lookup making an Ajax call from JavaScript.

Note: This will not work on UI7 … without adding a lot of code to get an Access Token and adding it to the headers for the URL request.

Thanks for spending time to help me out for which I wish to rephrase to make myself clearer.
I have a highchart featuring the parameters of the Smart Virtual Thermostat Plugin, see attachment. I have currently included a label representing the current thermostat status: Off,Auto-Eco;Comfort etc. All these are derived from a mysql database.
When I invoke the following command in the URL:,
I can change the status (the scene accommodates the appropriate lua code to change the relevant mode status of the thermostat along with an immediate update of the database), thereby updating the webpage (LAN only).

When I accommodate the same command in the highchart using an URL, it opens a new browser tab and returns an OK status in the webpage. What I’m after is to activate a click event on the relevant highchart label, e.g. changing from Eco to Comfort, click Comfort , whilst staying put on the highchart webpage.
I hope I have made myself clearer.

As I said you will need to make an ajax call from JavaScript.

Also … this strategy will not work in UI6 and UI7 … without a LOT of extra steps …
It will work for Vera’s connected on the LAN