Lutron Connected Bulb Remote (Zigbee) as scene controller with Vera Plus?

I have found very few good, wireless Z-Wave scene controllers. However, I recently stumbled upon the Lutron Connected Bulb Remote ($30) (Zigbee) in a discussion about setting up Zigbee bulbs on the Vera Plus. I have no interest (yet) in Zigbee bulbs, but I am interested in using the Lutron Controller.

Can the controller be added to the Vera Plus and used to control scenes, etc?

This is the Lutron Connected Bulb Remote:

You can pair it, but it shows up like an on/off switch, so only two of the buttons show up in the devices view. I wasn’t able to see a way to trigger scenes. Also after pairing it showed errors that they had lost connection pretty much constantly.

It should be possible to use them in the future, but either a Vera update will have to add support, or possibly someone will need to write a plugin for them.