Lutron Caseta on Ezlo Plus 700!

I havent been able to find a way to add Lutron Caseta devices on the Ezlo Plus 700. I also cant access the hub through the getvera webpage and the Mios webpage still looks on diapers, there are very few plugins on there.

Hello Jesus,

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We’re continously working to get more plugins on our marketplace. Here’s a list of all the plugins we have developed so far (more to come):

In the meantime, the Ezlo controllers will appear as being offline on our old portal. This is the case as we work to migrate our whole platform to the new Ezlogic portal.

As per the Lutron Caseta, being a WiFi device you would have to bridge them using a home assistant such as Google Home or Alexa and create a virtual device that issues commands to any of those using the Ezlo VOI feature of our hub or check our WiFi device generator plugin.

can we not control Lutron Caseta using our Wifi Plugin?

That would take the local control capabilities out of Lutron Caseta, not an option for me. Vera used to have that plugin available, hope it gets developed for ezlo.

Hope thar is possible. Let me know please.

why do you think it would take away the local control capability?

He said that I should create a virtual device using a voice assistant, that would take the local control.